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Damaged bones and joints can cause significant pain and limit your ability to function. We offer a variety of orthopaedic services – from advanced diagnostic imaging technology, to innovative surgical procedures, to physician therapy and rehabilitation programs – all designed to help you get back on track. Some of the services we provide include:

Advances in Orthopaedic Care

Not long ago, a serious bone or joint problem meant major surgery was inevitable. But now, many joints can be repaired with minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques.

In arthroscopic procedures, an orthopedic specialist makes incisions, about the size of a buttonhole, and inserts a tiny camera and pencil thin instruments into the joint. The camera transmits images to a monitor, which the surgeon uses to view the procedure. This remarkable technology allows the surgeon to repair tears and other joint problems without major surgery.

Many arthroscopic procedures do not require an overnight hospital stay. Patients return to the comforts of home sooner and generally experience less pain and faster healing.

Joint Replacement

Hip and knee replacement can help many people with debilitating joint pain return to active lives. Joints are formed at the ends of two or more bones connected by tissue called cartilage. Healthy cartilage provides a cushion for the bones, but when the cartilage is damaged or wears away, the bones can rub against each other, causing great pain. Joint replacement can reduce pain, restore movement to the joint, and improve the overall quality of a patient’s life.

When only a portion of the joint is damaged, a surgeon may be able to perform partial joint replacement. In other cases, a total joint replacement is required and involves inserting artificial joints, called implants. Joint replacement typically requires a few days in the hospital for recovery and rehabilitation.

Click here to learn more about Total Joint Replacement procedures.


Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply a weekend warrior, we offer sports medicine services to help you get back in the game as soon as possible. Our team of highly trained professionals, including physical therapists, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons, provide evaluation and treatment of sports injuries, designed to repair damaged muscles, bones and joints, while building strength, flexibility and endurance to prevent future sports-related problems.

Subchondroplasty: New Knee Pain Treatment In Tempe

Is knee pain keeping you from living your best life? Some patients with knee pain are actually experiencing bone marrow lesions (BML’s). BML’s are defects in the spongy cancellous bone. These painful defects can occur in the ankle, shinbone and other areas.

Subchondroplasty® is a new surgical procedure available to patients experiencing knee pain and other types of bone and joint pain that is caused by bone marrow lesions. During the subchondroplasty procedure, the orthopaedic surgeon creates a tiny hole in the bone; a calcium phosphate mineral compound is injected into the bone through this hole. This compound fills the damaged area, and is resorbed over time. Resorption is a natural process in which the body replaces the compound with healthy bone matter.

Subchondroplasty can be done under local, regional or general anesthesia. Patients typically go home the same day of their procedure. Though the recovery process varies from patient to patient, most patients experience some discomfort or pressure for the first two to three days, followed by crutch support and physical therapy for regaining strength and mobility.

Researchers have suggested that bone marrow lesions may be precursors to osteoarthritis. Patients who have the subchondroplasty procedure may still be candidates for total joint replacement surgery at a later date.

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