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Maternity Care


Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital offers choice-based maternity care that puts the power of birth and building a family in your hands! The experienced team of doctors and nurses are dedicated to providing excellent care for you and to help your baby get the best possible start.

Families Are Born Here.

As a community hospital, our team of labor and delivery providers has developed its own unique approach to maternity care, labor and delivery. By offering a wide range of options to expectant mothers, and providing the attention and guidance you come to expect from a hospital with more than 70 years of experience, we are able to provide an optimal birth experience for every woman and her family.

A Hospital of Choices

We do things differently here… we do things your way. It all starts when you fill out one of our updated birth preference forms, which puts you in control of your hospital stay and labor and delivery experience before it even begins.

Our highly trained staff works continuously to offer the latest in innovation, technology and education – all a part of our ongoing commitment to being a hospital of choices for women preparing to give birth. Additionally, Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital is proud to support moms in a variety of diverse birthing methods.

We’re Here for You, Mom.

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital supports each woman’s preferences for care and delivery. Here are a few of the features we offer to make your visit safe, special and comfortable…

Personal, Gentle Approach

  • Nitrous Oxide. Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital is one of two leading hospitals in Maricopa County to offer nitrous oxide, a new labor pain management option that can be used as an alternative or addition to traditional pain management medications. Many women choose nitrous oxide because it dulls labor pain and decreases anxiety without dulling the senses or mobility. The result is that women typically progress better during labor, deliver sooner, and feel more in control of their experience. Patients can safely self-administer their own nitrous oxide. Click here to learn more about Nitrous Oxide and determine if it is right for you!
  • Gentle C-Section. If a C-section is necessary, women have the option to choose a “Gentle C-Section” (or “Family-Centered” C-section), which allows mom and/or partner to view the birth through a clear plastic drape, allowing them to fell more connected to this special birth moment.
  • Skin-to-skin. That Golden Hour right after birth is one of the most important times in a mother’s relationship with her newborn. We prioritize skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth per the mother’s preference.
  • Birth Preference Forms. Our updated birth preference forms and protocols give moms more control over their in-hospital experience during labor and delivery. The protocol includes determining the woman’s preferences during labor, the birth of the baby and post-birth care of the baby. This special form (available in English and Spanish) should be filled out in advance and brought to the hospital upon admittance.
  • Diverse Birthing Methods. Our nurses have experience with many different cultural birthing practices, and are knowledgeable and willing to help you have the birth experience you want.
  • Essential Oils. Patients who wish to bring their own essential oils are permitted to do so (essential oils not supplied by the hospital).
  • Birthing Balls and peanut balls are available for your use during labor.

Professional Education & Care

  • Childbirth and Family Education Classes. Our childbirth education class (available in English and Spanish) covers a variety of topics to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. You will learn what to expect during the various stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques, your options for pain management, and how your coach can help you through labor. Taught by registered nurses, the class also covers breastfeeding and infant safety. A tour of The Birthing Suites is included. View class times and register here.
  • Professional Staff. Over one-third of our nursing staff is RNC-OB Certified in their specialty. Our nurses provide much needed support to families by assisting and teaching new parents in caring for the umbilical cord, bathing techniques, burping methods and immunization requirements, as well as in providing breastfeeding support and parenting education.
  • Lactation Consultants. Lactation consultants are available upon request; however, our nursing staff is fully capable to assist with any breastfeeding questions or concerns.
  • Scheduled Inductions. Inductions may be scheduled after 39 weeks.
  • Equipped for High-Risk. Neonatology specialists are available for high-risk deliveries.
  • Screening & Testing. All required and additional health screenings for baby, including hearing, congestive heart failure, and more, are done at our facility.
  • In-Room Education. In-room television programming is available to educate new parents about infant care.

Comfortable, Private Rooms & Features

  • Private Rooms. Each woman has her own private, spacious Labor, Delivery and Postpartum Recovery (LDPR) room with an adjustable bed and reclining sleeper for dad/ coach.
  • High-Tech Security. Our maternity unit is fully secure, equipped with an electronic surveillance infant monitoring system to help track and protect you and your baby.
  • Rooming-In. Babies can “room-in” with mom, or our staff can care for your baby if you need some rest.
  • We know you will want friends and loved ones to share in your joy when you welcome your new baby to the world. We maintain a family-centered approach and offer flexible visiting hours and comfortable waiting areas for your guests.
  • At certain times of the year, especially flu season children under 12 (except the baby’s siblings) are restricted from visiting.


Join Us for a Tour

We strongly encourage a tour to introduce you and your family to Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital, so that you’re more comfortable when the big day comes. On your personal tour, you’ll see our private, spacious, comfortably furnished labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum suites; meet our caring nursing staff; and get all of your questions answered before the big day arrives. Tours are available at any time, and reservations are not required. Come find out why bigger isn’t always better! For more information, call 480-784-5588.

Delivery Time? Directions Here!

Baby on the way? It’s important that you and your family members know where to go. Our Labor and Delivery unit has its own private entrance on the south end of the hospital, with ample parking and a large waiting area. This entrance is open 24 hours a day for easy access into the building. Once you enter from the parking lot, you will need to press the black call button on the wall to be granted access.


Plan ahead, skip the paperwork and save time. When you pre-register, your information will already be in our system upon your arrival, allowing our staff to immediately help you into a labor and delivery room.

Admitting Information

If you have not pre-registered, please have your license, social security card and insurance information ready so the admitting clerk can get the process started in our labor and delivery admitting area.


Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital is designated as a Cigna Centers of Excellence (COE) for Vaginal Delivery. Cigna’s program evaluates and recognizes hospitals with positive patient outcomes and high cost-efficiency measures. Participating hospitals meeting specific quality and cost-efficiency criteria are designated as a Center of Excellence by procedure and condition.Low Res Cigna Logo

Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital is a designated Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care.  This distinction recognizes healthcare facilities with demonstrated expertise and a commitment to quality care during vaginal and cesarean section deliveries. These facilities are evaluated on several quality measures, from percentage of deliveries that fall into the category of early elective delivery, to overall patient satisfaction.



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